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The subject matter of Ätmasiddhi is soul and it deals with soul's existence, everlastingness, acquisition of Karma, bearing the consequences, liberation therefrom and the way of attaining liberation. The subject has been carefully and adequately presented. Nothing worth has been left out. Every stanza is full of significance and some of them are the most precious jewels of spiritual realm. By composing Ätmasiddhi Shrimad has virtually contained the sea of spiritual science within the bowl of the book. If one wants to realize the Self, studying that text and putting its precepts into practice would suffice, one would not need to look for any other source.


Patit Jan Pävani, Sur Saritä Sami, Adham Uddhärini Ätmasiddhi;

Janma Janmäntaro Jänatä Jogie, Ätma Anubhav Vade Äj Didhi.

Bhakta Bhagirath Samä, Bhägyashäli Mahä, Bhavya Saubhägyani Vinatithi;

Chäruttar Bhuminä, Nagar Nadiädamän, Poorna Krupä Prabhue Kari Ti.


The first line states that Ätmasiddhi Shästra purifies the down-trodden like the heavenly river Gangä and it uplifts even those, who have fallen to the lowest level. The second line states that the composition has been brought out of Self-experience of the great ascetic, who knew many of his previous lives. Since it was brought out at the request of Saubhägyabhäi, he has been compared in the third line with king Bhagirath, who brought down the holy Gangä. The remaining part of the third line and the last line state that Shrimad has extended the utmost favor by composing it at Nadiäd in the region of Charotar.


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