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Jai Prabhu!


Thank you for sparing your valuable time for showing keen interest in Shrimad Rajchandra and visiting this site.

Our humble request to you to take utmost care and avoid any type of ashatna while going through this website (e.g eating / drinking in front of chitrapaths should be avoided).


This website will benefit all mumukshus (the followers of Shrimad Rajchandra) through out the world to seek information at a central place. Best efforts are put in to include all possible information in the form of life histories, Nityakram, Bhakti songs, Alochana, Vachanamrut - updeshamrut patra, panchang etc.


Special Audio and readable format of patra and songs are uploaded for benefiting all.

The process of uploading more Patra and books and redesigning this website for your references continues.


Suggestions and comments to help improving our website will be appreciated.


Special thanks to Shrimad Rajchandra Ashram Agas as references are taken from books published by Shrimad Rajchandra ashram Agas.


Prabhushri vedio and Agas bhakti mp3 - courtesy by Anil Bunki(Surat).


Pl Note: For any queries related to Agas Ashram kindly email and phone - 02692-281800 .


If any information is incorrect / misleading. Please excuse and do inform us.


Micchamidukadam and Jai Prabhu.




For any queries / suggestions do email me at or or share your views in CONTACTUS section and we will get back to you at the earliest.


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