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12 Bhavna


Bhavana: (Contemplations / Reflection)

"Bhavna Bodh" written at the age of 16 is a basic fundamental narrative of the 12 conceptual thoughts which are necessary to understand for aspirants who are in search of TRUTH!








Following are the 12 Bhavanas composed by Shrimad Rajchandraji.

(1) Anitya bhavana: (The Impermanence of the sansaar or world)

(2) Asharana bhavana: (The refuge to the sansaar, i.e. world of becoming, is misleading).

(3) Ekatva bhavana: (The aloneness of the Soul)

(4) Anyatva bhavana: (The Self-dependence, separateness)

(5) Sansaara bhavana: (The Worldly existence)

(6) Ashuchi bhavana: (The impureness of the body)

(7) Aashrava bhavana: (Influx of Karma contemplations)

(8) Samvar bhavana: (Stoppage of influx of Karma)

(9) Nirjaraa bbaavanaa: (Karma Shedding)

(10) Loka bhavana: (Universe)

(11) Bodhidurlabha bhavana: (Unobtainability of true talent)

(12) Dharmadurlabha bhavana: (Unobtainability of true preceptor, scripture and religion).


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